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Cooking & Kids

Providing free positive family television programs nationwide

America Dines-In

Building stronger and better connected families and communities

Growing Strong

Lifestyle coaching and cooking classes for struggling youth and families
We envision a world where children can thrive in safe and supportive families and communities.

Our Vision

Today's families are pressed for time and often too tired to prepare nourishing meals and spend quality time with their kids. Vlada's Seeds of Life's goal is to help families gather back at the dining table for a healthy homemade meal and quality family time.

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What's New?

The Value of Baking Bread

There’s really nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread and the satisfaction of pulling a fresh baked loaf…

Cooking at Home Rules!

      What You Eat is Important, but Where You Eat Matters Too! Juggling work, children, and cooking is not easy,…

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Little Sprouts

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“No matter how advanced our children become technologically, strong family values will forever remain the core of all their future accomplishments”

Vlada V., Founder

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©2020 Vlada Seeds of Life