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We envision a world where children can thrive in safe and supportive families and communities.

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Today's families are pressed for time and often too tired to prepare nourishing meals and spend quality time with their kids. Vlada's Seeds of Life's goal is to help families gather back at the dining table for a healthy homemade meal and quality family time.

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Spring 2023 Seed Packing for Little Sprouts has begun!  

Followed by the exponential growth of the Little Sprouts Program during the Spring of 2022,  VSL is starting seed packaging…

Vlada’s Seed of Life Donates 500 Seed Packages to the San Diego Master Gardener Association 

For more than 100 years, UC Cooperative Extension advisors and specialists have worked with communities across the state to address…

Sprouting Seeds of Change

During 2019, an initiative called “Little Sprouts” was launched by Vlada’s Seeds of Life, with a goal to provide access…

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“I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful videos and instruction that you have made available on Social Media and YouTube. Thanks in part to your efforts, I have become passionate about trying to make dishes that the love of my life, who grew up in Belgrade, has missed terribly since leaving his homeland….Thank you for the inspiration!”

Caren Raymond

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©2020 Vlada Seeds of Life