Gaston County’s Channel 21 airs Vlada’s Seeds of Life “Cooking and Kids” show in North Carolina, and took the time to interview Vlada Vladic earlier this year. Vlada was able to share what our non-profit organization promotes and how she sees her passion and dream come to life throughout the efforts of the show and her organization.

In speaking about what Vlada’s inspiration for the organization and focus on health and nutrition, Vlada spoke of her immigration experience coming to America and truly living out her American dream. Today, she strives to preserve the beautiful future of this country by ensuring our children, and our children’s children have a healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually – life surrounded by a strong family unity, a loving community and good values.

Todd Hagans, Chief Communications Officer at Gaston County’s Channel 21, says “And you can tell from watching Cooking and Kids, it’s about more than just cooking. You place an emphasis on education – educating your audiences – and you also have an emphasis on family and the importance of community.” And that is exactly it.

Vlada’s Seeds of Life is all about reconnecting families and communities, particularly here in the United States. The focus of her program, “Cooking and Kids” is not only on good food and health, but on a positive, education and engaging media as well. As Vlada mentions, incorporating knowledge and education is invaluable to the generations down the road. Kids will forever need to know how to prepare food, store it, and share it.

Watch the video below from Channel 21 in Gaston County to learn more about this interview.

©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life

©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life