Reconnecting families to foster healthy lifestyles and relationships.

Vlada's Seeds of Life was created in 2009 in an effort to reconnect families and communities by sharing the love of quality family time, the joy of cooking together, and the enriching experiences attained when families are engaged in the process of bringing that food to the table together.

We at Vlada's Seeds of Life believe that by reconnecting families and strengthening our communities, we can make a positive impact on future generations. Families have become affected by many social, economical, physical and global issues that are out of their control that have made it harder to find meaningful connections. We believe that families can reconnect with one another through time spent preparing and enjoying healthy and nutritious meals. When children are engaged and involved in the shopping and preparation of a fresh, nutritious, delicious meal as a family, they will be able to build positive habits and memories that they will not only carry throughout their own lives, but will hopefully pass onto their children and future generations.

Vlada's Seeds of Life is on mission to educate, enable, energize, and engage families to reconnect through a shared passion for food. We hope that our projects will resonate with children and parents alike, and that through this process of cooking together as a family, we can strengthen and bring together not only families, but communities as well.

Main Objectives

to reinforce change


Providing information, awareness and solutions to help families and communities reconnect.

Engage & Enable

Hands-on tasks and recipes to help young chefs and families form healthier eating and living habits.


Inspire families to spend more quality time together cooking healthy meals.

Get Involved

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©2020 Vlada Seeds of Life