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For a healthier and happier America

This project produces and provides free quality family programs to over 330 public access TV stations in 41 states, inclusive of the District of Columbia and Cape Town, South Africa. The overall goal of the program is to teach kids and families important life skills, such as cooking, gardening and promoting healthy, quality family time.  Based on the 2022 reports, the program is made available to over 29,228,817 households in the United States and beyond.

The list of stations currently airing our program can be found here! Please note that you have to create a free account with PegMedia to view the list.

In 2022, 'Cooking and Kids' Television Program ranked 5th out of the 955 most downloaded programs. Contact your local public access television station to request airing our "Cooking and Kids" in your area. Program can be downloaded free of charge here!

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Program Outreach

States Airing Program
T.V. Stations Airing Program
Households Program Provided To
Daily Engaging Followers
YouTube Viewers

“It’s an interesting promise for the new series; kids demonstrating new skills, plus healthy living topics, in general, combine for an engaging viewing experience.”

San Bernardino / Inland Empire Media Group

“We have other cooking shows, but we are especially interested in yours, as it teaches parents how to cook with their children. This is a fresh and interesting take on the traditional cooking show.”

Del Mar TV Station

“We especially appreciate the way young people get to participate in the meal preparation and learn safe kitchen habits, as well as getting some great ideas for kids meals.”

KOCT – The Oceanside Channels

“I really believe that it can teach people healthier and happier lifestyles. It is a show that really gives good insight to better eating practices…Your show is a top notch show and is a family friendly viewing experience.”

Scott Holt, BBN TV

 “Season 2 is really exciting to hear about. I love your interaction with the kids, not patronizing but partnering… Keep up the good work. Kids and pegmedia stations need you.”

Phil, ACTV20

“We are becoming more and more removed from food harvesting, cultivation, production and preparation. The “Cooking and Kids” show incorporates interesting foods and stories with fun visuals and healthy cooking information.”

Aviva Hoffmann

“I’m always on the lookout for well done shows. Shows that go beyond the typical “talk show interview” fare that most public access stations get. You provide a high quality of entertainment and education (as well as recipes).”

Bill Smith, TAP TV

“Promoting health and inspiring good decision making at an early age is something that will benefit those who are receptive to the lessons provided. Thank you for producing such a quality program and sharing it.”

Derek, NLTV

©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life

©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life