What You Eat is Important, But Where You Eat Matters Too!

Juggling work, children, and cooking is not easy, but most moms do it everyday. Making homemade food and dining at home gives you time to reconnect with your family. Food cooked at home is usually prepared in healthier ways. Serving homemade meals to children has a number of advantages.  Homemade meals often include more nutritious ingredients, broader spectrum of fruits and vegetables, more fiber, less sugar and sodium, less trans fats and no artificial flavors and colors. 


  There are studies that show children who eat more homemade meals are more likely to do well in school and have a lower risk of eating disorders and depression. Children are also less likely to have drug and alcohol issues as adults. 

 Eating at home helps families save money and time. Meals made ahead and placed in the freezer are good to take out , thaw and cook especially on those busy evenings that are filled with activities.  Busy moms know the advantages of preparing home cooked meals ahead.

VSL Offers a Virtual Cooking Class for Busy Moms.

   When busy moms get together to learn a new easy recipe, it becomes a fun social event. On April 21, 2021 Vlada’s Seeds of Life provided a free online cooking class to a group of moms affiliated with the Serbian Cultural Center. 

Vlada Vladic CEO and founder of Vlada’s Seeds of Life presents a virtual cooking class to busy moms Dijana Peric, Ivana Sindjolic, Jelena Selezan, Sanja Badza, Vesna Jovanovic. Making homecooked meals the center of their social calendar.

Jelena Selezan is preparing the sausage for the “Winning Sausage Soup.”

Ljubica Plavsic enjoys the fellowship and ability to cook with other moms even if it is virtual.

Vesna Jovanovic, a co-founder of Serbian Cultural Center in San Diego contacted Vlada Vladic the CEO and founder of VSL to coordinate a virtual cooking class. The Serbians Cultural Centers mission is to preserve and promote Serbian language, heritage and traditions to the multicultural community. 


The main objective of this class  was to present an easy, economical, and nutritious recipe families could prepare in advance for the busy week ahead.  These women enjoyed the virtual class, had some fun and loved serving the “Winning Sausage Soup” to their families. 

     The recipe presented “Winning Sausage Soup” can be found on Mulay’s website.

You can also click on this youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBP8R2SXF7U

Here are some of the comments from the moms that participated in the class. Also, below you can see the results from the survey taken.

I attended Vlada’s cooking class, and it was wonderful. Vlada was very kind, engaging, passionate, and patient with all the participants. I got to use seasonings and ingredients I am not accustomed to, and the result was superb. With Vlada’s help, I created a tasty, healthy, hearty meal that my family loved. Thank you. – Iva S. 

I loved Vlada’s spirit, positive energy and her patience during the class. I never used some of the seasoning she suggested in the recipe, but I have to admit, I was blown away with the outcome and the taste of the meal we cooked! I’ve heard excellent comments from all the participants! It was fun, educational and yummy!!! I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Vlada! – Vesna J. 

The cooking survey consisted of five questions where the five participants could choose a response.

Overall, how would you rate the event rating it excellent to poor?

100.00% all 5 participants rated the cooking class as excellent.

How often do you eat meals with your family? Answers from always to never.

60.00% three participants responded always and 40.00% two participants responded usually.

How important is it to you to serve homemade meals to your family? Answer choices very likely, Likely, Neither likely or unlikely, unlikely, very unlikely.

100% responded very important.

Would you be willing to cook this dish again? Answers choices very likely, likely, neither likely nor unlikely, unlikely, very unlikely.

100 % responded very likely.

What did you like most about this recipe?

 Four participants of the class responded with the following:

The taste was amazing!

Asian flare, fresh cilantro, multitude of vegetables.


It is very easy to make; it does not take too much time and the dish is delicious!  Perfect combination of all spices and ingredients.

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©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life