At Vlada’s Seeds of Life (VSL), we strongly believe that by engaging youth in gardening and bringing them closer to nature, we can help their physical, emotional and mental health. In May 2023, we received encouraging feedback from a Science Teacher from Goldenview Middle School in Anchorage, Alaska after implementing our program “Little Sprouts” in her classrooms.

Erin Schneider, M.S., the Science Department Chair, said  “I have found starting seeds to be highly engaging for students—everyone is interested, even those who are typically hard to motivate. Additionally, tending to seedlings has a calming, therapeutic effect on them.” She was able to organize a very successful seed germination and planting at the Alaskan Middle School. VSL is so incredibly proud to see the program not only flourishing in a school but also spreading all the way from California to Alaska!

Erin shares a letter from her experience with us:

Dear Vlada’s Seeds of Life,

Thank you for donating seeds to my Solutions Lab elective at Goldenview Middle School. They were exactly what we needed! We began the unit with students planning a garden for their home, anything from a raised bed in their yard to a container garden on a sunny part of their deck.

After distributing the seeds that were donated, we started seeds, with each student
having a full tray for their containers. For weeks we started every class with tending to their plants. Every single student was fully invested and engaged. When one student was absent they made sure to check on their plants for them.

As we approached the end of the quarter we started discussing how to harden off plants, how to transplant them at home, and how to address common problems. Today they packed up their plants and took them home for their gardens. They were very excited.
Thanks to your generosity there will be 24 students growing food at home this summer.

Erin Schneider
Science Teacher
Goldenview Middle School
Anchorage, Alaska

VSL is currently working on expanding the Little Sprouts Program in other school systems in various states. The goal of the program is to nourish our children’s mental, emotional and physical health while promoting sustainability and teaching important life skills. 

©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life

©2021 Vlada's Seeds of Life