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“Del Mar TV has been airing your program Cooking and Kids for the last few months. It has gotten good reviews and we are interested in airing more of these programs. We have other cooking shows, but we are especially interested in yours, as it teaches parents how to cook with their children. This is a fresh and interesting take on the traditional cooking show.”
Del Mar TV Station

“I want to compliment you, your family and helpers (both on-screen and behind-the-screens) on your new Cooking and Kids television program. It’s an interesting promise for the new series; kids demonstrating new skills, plus healthy living topics, in general, combine for an engaging viewing experience … These programs show considerable merit, and suggest the potential to become a regular series on our primary Community Access channel.”
San Bernardino / Inland Empire Media Group

“We are glad to hear you have the opportunity to produce more episodes of Cooking and Kids. KOCT has enjoyed playing these programs, and in fact still puts them in rotation. We especially appreciate the way young people get to participate in the meal preparation and learn safe kitchen habits, as well as getting some great ideas for kids meals … We would love to air more episodes if you produce them, and would be inclined to place them into our regular Saturday schedule.”
KOCT – The Oceanside Channels

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